Eric Haskins

CEO, Client Development

Eric heads up business development efforts at High Octane Brands. Over his career he has worked in many capacities including web development, strategy, client services, and marketing with an insurmountable focus on delivering value for clients and customers. With High Octane Brands' outstanding capabilities in development, research, and design, he constantly seeks out like-minded companies looking to identify what makes them unique. Eric is a self-professed tech and media-junkie, Eric loves exploring emerging technologies and unique solutions marketers use to engage consumers. Eric enjoys spending time with an amazing family, baseball, discovering new music, and writing bios about himself in the third person.


Rob Peters

President, Brand Development

Rob Peters has been the driving creative force behind High Octane Brands since the inception of the High Octane Business Model. Along the way, he has built a reputation as one of the industry's leading creative minds. Rob delivers on the promise of High Octane Brands' aggressive & powerful approach to building brands and businesses through inspired design and flawless execution. His undying commitment to creative excellence that gets results has contributed to High Octane Brands' impressive roster of successful brands and has resulted in numerous accolades from clients and peers alike. Rob has applied his exceptional creative direction and vision to help clients in widely varying disciplines achieve brand leadership positions, including fashion, retail, sporting goods, restaurants, consumer products, technology, and many more. Rob enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and children, playing SimCity 5, and a nice glass of wine.


High Octane Brands

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