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Brand Development

What We Do at High Octane Brands

Brand Development. If your business vanished tomorrow, would anyone really care? Being an essential part of your customers lives is the ultimate expression of brand relevance-and can only be earned by a complete and integrated approach to brand building. From the strategic basis of a company's vision and mission all the way through to marketing execution, and every key step between, our seasoned and diverse team ensures you are adapting to survive and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. With your business context as our point of departure, our approach to brand building is immersive, strategic and actionable.

Brand Design

Intelligent, Inspired, Design. Every communication transmitted through each customer touch point impacts the judgments your customers make thousands of conscious and sub-conscious synapses cause the embrace or rejection of your brand proposition. Looks matter. Tone matters. Consistency matters. The world's best brands reflect their core principles, express a set of values and engage the customer's intellect while quickening their pulse. Our design work is creatively surprising and strategically driven, making people notice, getting them to think and inspiring them to act.

Brand Design Services

  1. Corporate Identity
  2. Interactive Design
  3. Retail Design
  4. Visual Merchandising
  5. Sales / Marketing Comminque

Brand Strategy

Viewing the world through your customers' eyes is both critical and supremely challenging. Who are they? What do they want? What are they thinking now? What WILL they be thinking in the future? Our research methods help you define and understand the customer segments that are critical to your past, present and future. They also define how competitors and market trends shape the categories in which you compete, so that your brand is always compelling and motivating. We arm you with actionable recommendations and analysis that informs product / service strategies, distribution and how you communicate to drive demand. The result is a galvanizing set of core brand principles and winning business strategies driven by who you really are, what your customers really think, and what you really look like in the mirror.

Brand Strategy Services

  1. Consumer Research
  2. Competitive / Channel Research
  3. Database Analysis
  4. Positioning Development
  5. Brand Development
  6. Brand Elasticity / Product Expansion

Brand Demand

Knowing where you want to go is half the battle. Getting there is another thing altogether; and it involves swaying the choices of your prospective customers in your favor each and every day. Being disciplined about the management of your brand means nothing if you don't earn your share of sales today. High Octane Brands applies equal parts ingenuity and creativity to ensure you're sending the right message to the right people and just the right time to enable them to come to the decision that you are the answer to their wants and needs. Piercing your customers' consciousness, reaching them when and where they are ready to listen and appealing both to their minds and hearts are the essential ingredients to earning trial, preference and ultimately loyalty. It's how we think and it's what we do.

Brand Expansion Services

  1. Marketing Planning
  2. Campaign Development
  3. Advertising / Promotions
  4. Digital Marketing / social Media
  5. Lead Generation